Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Our Own Kind of Music

The New Viking and I are a few episodes behind on "Lost." Since the episode we needed to watch had cycled off his TiVo before we thought to save it, we watched it online from the ABC website. In that particular episode, focusing on Desmond, the song "Make Your Own Kind of Music" features prominently, and NV sang along with it whenever it came up. Now, I'm hopeless with lyrics, even for songs that I love, so when the episode was over, we googled the lyrics. Then I couldn't remember how the tune for the verse went, so we youtubed (is that a word yet?) a video for the song, and sang along with Mama Cass, twice in a row.

If I live to be a hundred, I'll never forget the sheer joy of that moment, singing along with my honey.


Anonymous Pat said...

How sweet. :)

4:48 PM  

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