Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Gayest Gift Tag Ever

I went with a new-ish buddy of mine to see "Dreamgirls" on Monday. He's as much of a musical theater fan as I am. He gave me a lovely Christmas present, the cast recording of "The Last Five Years" with the following gift tag message:

"Deena, I'm so glad we're friends. Merry Christmas. Love, Effie."


Weight: 173.8

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Christmas Party

My roommate Chip and I had our big Christmas party last night, with about 80 people there, pretty evenly split between his friends and mine. In the hubbub, one of Chip’s friends, a cute young thing who I didn’t know, introduced himself to me as he was leaving. “I live on the next street over,” he said. “Welcome to the neighborhood.” “Thanks. I guess I'll have to count on you when I need to borrow a cup of sugar,” I responded, ever the charming host. “Give me a call,” he shot back seductively, “whether or not you need any sugar.”

Apparently he hadn’t met the New Viking and didn’t know that I am off the market. Highly amused, I reported the exchange to the NV later, after everybody had gone home. His smile disappeared and his sad eyes started to well up with mist. “Somebody is trying to take you away from me,” he whispered, “but I only just got you.”


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Miss me?

I warned you. In my case, personal happiness has always tended to result in dull or nonexistent blog posts. This particular blog, born of despair, has gone neglected for far too long, but this is only because I am blissfully, head over heels in love.

My relationship with the New Viking just gets better and better. Not a day goes by without a silent prayer of thanks to God for sending him to me. We have so much fun together, and it has been especially fun to have a new beau in my life just in time for the holiday season. He is as crazy about Christmas as I am.

With a couple of exceptions, I generally don’t like to write too much here about the people who play the most important roles in my life. You’ll notice that I have remained decidedly unspecific about the reasons for my breakup, and I’ve remained purposefully sketchy on details about the people who have made important cameos here (the Dynamic Duo, the Viking, etc.). “Wheels are Spinning” is all about ME, ME, ME, but really this is mostly because it just doesn’t seem fair to other people when I have a forum for one-sided discussion. So I’m not going to say much in the way of specifics about the New Viking. But he is everything I’ve ever wanted. Take my word for it.

I have been off the steroids for a couple of weeks now. My skin condition finally seems to be clearing up. My yellow-blond hair is pretty much back to its natural color (still blond, I insist, despite plenty of scoffers) after two post-Halloween haircuts. The hair on my forearms and treasure trail has only grown in about halfway, which is a bit frustrating...too slow! And I’ve been dealing with some workout-related shoulder pain for a few weeks. If I were smarter, I’d take the rest of the month off from the gym. But I’m having a hard time dealing with that...I’ve put my body through some pretty heavy stuff over the last few months, and I’d hate to see it all go to waste. Besides, even though the New Viking likes the skinnier version of me that he’s seen in pictures from two years ago, I really like the beefier current model. I think I’ve said this before, but when I see myself in the mirror these days, I’m really happy with what I see. This is a major breakthrough for someone with my body and self-image issues, and I like it.

Weight: somewhere around 175